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  1. Get a money order for the rent amount (at any post office, bank, grocery store etc.) made out TO: Rearden Property Management with your name or address with unit on the money order.

  2. Go to any Chase Bank branch and tell the teller you want to make a deposit for Rearden Property Management, depositing into account number ending in -3130.


To ensure the rent is applied timely and accurately to your account accurately:

  • Ensure you name and/or address is on the money order

  • DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH – it will not be accepted

  • Do not remit your rent payment to anyone in person, unless instructed to do so



  1. Accept the invite from AppFolio and create an account. Email if we do not have your email address on file.

  2. Click ‘Payments’ on the menu then ‘Pay Now’ or Schedule Auto Pay. You can pay with your bank info (eCheck, free) or with a credit/debit card (fees apply).

paying rent.

CALL OR TEXT (216) 304-3861


  • Someone will answer 24 hours a day

  • Non-emergencies will be handled within a week or two.

  • Emergencies will be handled within 24 hours







  • Through the AppFolio portal (where rent is also paid) you can submit work order requests and upload photos

  • Include as much description as you can so we can appropriately route your request

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