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how to rent with us.

below is an outline of our process for renting with us as well as answers to common questions. we have a thorough application process with the goal of finding responsible tenants that will take care of the properties as we take care of them. 

view our available listings here:

how to


the process.

1. interested parties apply directly on the website for their desired property. at this point there is no fee.


2. we conduct an initial review to ensure our minimum rental standards are met.

3. for parties that meet the minimum standards, we will collect $20 for credit and background checks.

4. if criminal record is clean, credit is good with minimal debt, and income is verified we will call your references. 

5. upon confirmation of character from your references we will make a formal offer to rent the property. applicants will have 24 hours to pay their deposit to hold the application.

common questions.

for owners.

we treat out tenants with respect and understanding, which translates to better returns to our owners. we have extremely low turnover and high payment rates across all our properties. moreover, our streamlined process helps keep management fees low. 

what are your rental requirements?

our minimum rental criteria are a credit score over 600, gross income 3x rent, no evictions, no bankruptcies, and good references and no smokers. everyone has a unique situation so we take that into consideration and occasionally make exceptions.

how do I apply? 

directly on our listing website found here: open listings

does it cost money to apply?

we try and save applicants money and only collect a fee after initial review. the fee is $25.


how long does the application process take?

the process takes as long or as little time as it takes an applicant to respond. if we receive information quickly an applicant could be approved in 24-36 hours.

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