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real value for investors.

The key to successful out-of-state investing lies with the property manager. 

Rearden Property Management serves the greater Cleveland area and we are always looking to work with owners that want to take a different approach. We are a boutique agency and we like it that way. We’re not trying to be a massive property management machine with thousands of investors who are just a name in a CRM. We choose to work with a select handful of investors who align with our philosophies and business model.


It’s easier to help you be successful when you involve us early on in your process. We don’t take on managing every property that comes our way. It’s more effective when we work with you first to identify quality properties that we know will cash flow and are in good neighborhoods. 

if you're actively shopping, see out agency page at


Then we utilize our screening procedures to carefully place a quality tenant. We also contact our existing tenant base to advertise new properties to their friends and families because we’ve found quality tenants often refer quality tenants. This is another pitfall for investors - buying a place where the owner or agent has haphazardly placed a tenant in order to boost the sale. It’s not about having any tenant, it’s about having the right tenant. We strongly prefer to manage properties where we have placed the tenant because we are confident about our procedures and aren’t inheriting a tenant that may not have been well screened. 

Many out-of-state investors come to us because they’re unhappy with their current management. We have seen too many horror stories of investors who bought properties that seemed like a great deal on paper, but ended up losing money, time, and peace of mind. Far too many investors have been stuck with difficult or non-paying tenants, unresponsive property managers, and/or poor condition properties in dangerous areas. We are selective about the properties and neighborhoods we work with. In order for us to excel, we make sure new properties fit within the scope of our expertise.

the rearden difference.

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detailed reporting.

we will send you a detailed profit and loss statement each month for your properties as well as a monthly report with all open invoices, repairs, and findings from routine inspections.

over communication.

we believe in that more communication is better than less. in addition to our detailed reports we will keep you updated on inspections, tenant situations, and repairs before you ask.

our difference.

we treat your property like it's our own. no really. we will find the lowest quote to save you money won't nickel and dime. we also care about our tenants, which translates to low vacancy and high payment rates.

partner with us.

our number.

(216) 930-1116

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