a new kind of property management.

our mission.

Our mission is to create a new kind of property management company that sees tenants as people instead of dollar signs. By being fair with tenants and giving them the support and tools they need to be successful, we ensure they care for the property, pay on time, and stay with us longterm. This translates to a great tenant experience and higher returns for investors.


our services.

for tenants.

Our goal is to provide safe and comfortable places where tenants truly feel at home. Our tenants love us because they’re not just a number. We offer various services other companies do not-- including auto-pay, payment plans, budgeting, and more.

for owners.

We treat our tenants with respect and understanding, which translates to better returns for owners. Our “people-first” philosophy along with careful tenant screening results in extremely low turnover and high payment rates across all our properties. 


our rentals.

bedford duplex.

euclid duplex.

euclid townhouse.

our properties.

we take pride in our properties and ensure they are treated with care including routine maintenance, prompt fixes, and regular inspections. 

our contact.

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(216) 930-1116

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